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Our Nature Is Caring

Namib Desert Oils Proudly Introduces Women in Oil Production


Meet The Team


Project Co-ordinator

I co-ordinate the women involved in this project. They come not only from different backgrounds and tribes, but also from different areas all over Namibia. As I speak six different Namibian languages, it is my privilege to act as the connecting link between us.

Namib Desert Salt

Harvested from a secret fountain in the Namib Desert, our unique desert salt is rich in valuable minerals that rejuvenate and protect the skin barrier.

Namib Desert Salt.jpg

Jojoba Is The Ideal Desert Plant

Only requires little water

Loves high temperatures

Low in maintenance


Namib Desert Oils

Here is an insight into the fantastic journey involved in producing the Namib Desert Oils range.  For more information visit the Our Project page and our Facebook page.

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