Our Team

From remote areas all over Namibia and Germany, our team members cover every step to create high-quality cosmetic products. From growing the seeds and harvesting them, from pressing the nuts to filtration of the oils, from developing the products to marketing them – all under one roof. 

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Management Jojoba plantation

I am responsible for the Jojoba oil production of our biggest Jojoba plantation. Together with Ester, I introduced our facial oil and face cream to clients in Zurich Switzerland.  To get to know the people that will finally use our product is very important to me.


Project coordinator

I coordinated the women involved in this project. They come not only from different backgrounds and tribes, but also from different areas all over Namibia. As I speak six different Namibian languages, it is my privilege to act as the connecting link between us.


Management Sivara

I am the manager of the Sivara wild-harvesting area.  I live in a village close to the Okavango River in Northern Namibia.  Me and my team harvest Mongongo nuts and Kalahari melon seed according to organic standards.

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Storage Sivara

I am responsible for the storage and quality control of the Mongongo and Kalahari melon seed. It makes me very proud, that one of the key ingredients in our facial cream comes from our Village.

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Management Etomba

I am the manager of Etomba village, one of our educational harvesting centers. At Etomba me and my team harvest Marula seed for our cosmetic products.

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Management oil production

Me and my team are responsible to press and filter the different seeds into high-quality oil. At our production facility in the Namib Desert, we work according to European quality standards. Furthermore, I manage, together with Johnny, our greenhouse where we grow our Jojoba cuttings. 

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Jojoba oil and salt production

Me and my husband Johnny are responsible for one of our most remote Jojoba plantations.  Another task is to harvest the salt, which is an important ingredient of our facial cream, deep in the desert. We travel a lot, as it is our job to transport the seed, etc.

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Product development and administration Namibia

Together with my husband Oliver, I'm responsible for the design and layout of our products.  Besides that, I coordinate the administrative work of the company as well as the product development with our contract developer in Germany.

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Project management Namibia

I'm responsible for the overall coordination of our projects as well as the oil production in Namibia.



Sales and Marketing Europe

Klaus and I are your contacts for Namib Desert Oils in Germany and Europe. We organize the import and sales, bear responsibility for our high-quality products as well as the quality of the oils and the legal framework. We are your direct connection to Namibia and look forward to every contact!


Office and Administration Europe