Our Social Ecological Project

Namibia’s population is faced prevailing wealth inequality and especially citizens living within communal areas are often excluded from partaking in international value chains and resort to living a traditional lifestyle, based on subsistence farming methods. Despite having the opportunity to access some natural resources which are highly sought within the international cosmetic industry, a lack of formal education and coordination prevent these individuals within communal areas to establish much-needed income opportunities.

Our aim and vision is to support women in rural, dry desert areas within Namibia to build up their own Jojoba plantation and harvesting centres and become a part of the whole value chain. With workshops and knowledge transfer, we assure that the new farmers gain all needed skills to make their story a success.

In front of this background, Namib Desert Oils established an inclusive business model, aiming at creating international value chains within the cosmetic industry.

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To establish plantations, wild harvesting areas and educational harvesting centers in rural Namibia.


Upskilling farmers to cultivate and commercialize their produce, becoming a valued partner in a smart social-ecological business concept.


Communities to take over more and more decisions in production and management towards generating continuous economic growth, prosperity and independence.

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Namib Desert Oils & Michelle McLean

Being a child of Namibia, I always felt close to my fellow Namibians and my beautiful home country. And that never changed, no matter how far I was from home. Travelling the world became part of my life since I was honored as Miss Universe in 1992 and I became a formal Ambassador of Namibia afterwards.  
As such, I appreciated the chance given to promote beautiful Namibia, its amazing people and stunning nature...
Little did I know that our nature bears exactly what my skin started demanding by that time. Yes, we all start aging, developing little wrinkles or struggle with sensitive or irritated skin areas. 
Today, I am proud to be on a journey together with Namib Desert Oils and hundreds of incredible woman from all over Namibia to introduce our timeless beauty secret of the Namibian desert: our unique skin care oils!

Our Plantations & Wild-Harvesting Areas

Namibia is a sparsely populated country of striking beauty and immense diversity. With exceptionally clean air, pure water with high mineral content and unpolluted soil, this arid land provides beauty-oils with exceptional skin care properties.

Jojoba-, Marula-, Mongongo- and Kalahari Melon oil are just a few of the unique key ingredients in our cosmetic skin care products. Grown on our own remote plantations in desert areas or sustainably collected within untouched wild-harvesting areas, we carefully assort these unique raw materials ourselves, making our concept peerless.

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Our Oil Production

Nature provides us with fantastic and exquisite oils, which we extract with the utmost care and diligence out of carefully assorted seeds.

Within our Namibian production facility, we ensure cold- pressing and filtration processes according to highest international standards and regulations. Not only do we incorporate these high-quality natural oils within our own cosmetic brand, but proudly supply internationally recognized cosmetic companies with this liquid gold from Namibia.

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HA Land transformed into productive plantations.


Educational harvesting centres constructed in  rural areas.


Mostly women benefit from the project.


Previously disadvantaged person trained in management skills.


Women trained in organic harvesting and production.